Cascadia Therapy Services is a consulting business run by an occupational therapist for individuals and companies that are seeking support for sensory processing challenges.  Owned and operated by Diane Knoll, OTR/L, CTS offers services to clients in the Greater Puget Sound area. Services include sensory processing evaluation and reports, recommendations for home/business adaptations and modifications, staff/caregiver trainings, and individually tailored sensory diets to help clients successfully navigate sensory challenges throughout their daily routines. 

Our Mission

To provide sensory support across one’s lifespan by serving clients in their natural environments and improving quality of life through collaborative consultation.


Inclusion We want to ensure that individuals with sensory processing disorder are able to access and participate within their communities.

Client-Centered We strive to focus on our client’s strengths as well as their challenges, and how we can help them better interact with their world.

Evidence-Based Practice We believe in using current research when helping to make the best decisions for our clients.

Communication — We believe that communication is critical to producing the best possible outcomes for our clients and caregivers.

Caring — Practicing kindness and empathy for all or our clients is at the heart of what we do.

Who We Work With

Cascadia Therapy Services consults with intermediate care facilities, assisted living facilities, and independent caregivers who have concerns about clients that struggle with their sensory processing skills. 

CTS can work with private clients directly in their home or community. This approach allows for individually tailored sessions unique to the client’s needs and routines.

CTS is also available for consultative services with local businesses to make an organization more “sensory friendly” for staff and visitors alike. This can include recommendations for work spaces and communal areas, as well as guiding the process for creating your own sensory space/room at the office. 

Cascadia Therapy Services does not contract with, or bill insurance. This approach allows CTS to focus on wellness and health promotion versus providing services within the traditional model of disease and illness. Please see Rates for further information.