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Cascadia Therapy Services offers a variety of support to meet both your sensory processing and handwriting needs.

We specialize in sensory solutions for business and individuals with an understanding that sensory issues exist across the life span.

Consultation for care providers: Whether you are an intermediate care facility, assisted living facility, or independent caregiver, we are able to help support your clients that struggle with sensory processing skills. 

Private Clients: CTS collaborates with clients through a Telehealth platform to create a sensory health plan that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine, enhancing the regulation of your nervous system. Diane holds certifications in interdisciplinary autism support and trauma-informed practice from Elizabethtown University, and she leverages her expertise to assist clients in addressing the challenges they face in various aspects of their lives.

Consultation for local businesses: We provide consultation services to make organizations more “sensory friendly.” Whether it is setting up a sensory room or adjusting elements of the workspace, we can provide guidance and recommendations. This not only benefits those sensory differences but also increases mood and well-being for all staff and guests.

Cascadia Therapy Services does not contract with, or bill insurance. This approach allows CTS to focus on wellness and health promotion versus providing services within the traditional model of disease and illness. Please see Rates for further information.

Sensory Support

We provide evaluations, consultations, and therapy, for all ages. CTS loves to share our knowledge of sensory processing by providing custom trainings for caregivers and staff.

Handwriting Services

Our unique specialty certification in the Size Matters Handwriting Program offers unparalleled results in handwriting legibility and proficiency.