Sensory Products

Hexbug’s Cuddlebots

A wonderful pocket-sized and quiet vibrating toy that can be used as a fidget to help calm and soothe. Perfect for car rides, community outings, and school.

Sensory Brushes

Quiet and visually understated fidgets for children (and adults). The sensory brush provides a great alternative for those that like to pick with their fingers. It is also helpful for tactilely defensive children who are resistant to having their hair brushed.

Facial Massager

For those days that your face feels extra sensitive. Perfect to use as a for a haircut or even as an alerting activity before you start your day.

Fidget for Teens/Adults

Easy to carry and won’t stand out as it’s a keychain!


For those that seek extra oral input to soothe or focus, here are some of our favorite picks!

Body Sock

Does your child have challenges knowing where their body is in space or seek extra input by pushing/jumping/crashing frequently? A body sock will provide them the input they need!

Compression Bedsheets

Great for the child that has challenges calming their body down at night in order to fall asleep. These sheets provide cool comfort and compression without having to worry about overheating from a weighted blanket. Available in multiple mattress sizes.

Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are wonderful sources for proprioceptive input to help calm the body after a stressful day at work or to help one fall asleep. There are many varieties to choose from , but the ones featured here are my favorite. Weighted blankets should always be no more than 10% of your body weight.

Lycra Swing

This swing not only provides linear input, but has the added bonus of providing deep pressure, which gives it twice the calming impact. Made for individuals of all ages!

Indoor Swing Kit for your Sensory Seeker!

Sometimes living in the rainy Pacific Northwest can be challenging for our sensory seekers that need more input throughout their day! This 5 piece indoor playground kit fixes that and is durable too! Highly recommended to include the foldable floor mat to keep your child safe and sound while getting their sensory needs met inside.

An Alternative for Brushing Teeth!

For those with oral sensitivity or motor control challenges, the daily routine of brushing teeth can be an enormous struggle. These Auto Brush alternatives can make a huge difference in participation and oral health!

Portable Rocking Chair

Because you can’t bring a swing with you everywhere you go, but you can bring a portable rocking chair! This is an excellent option to provide linear calming input no matter where your day might take you.

Free Standing Hammock Chair

This is a great option if you rent and can’t install hardware for a swing. It still provides the linear and proprioceptive input needed, but without altering the physical appearance of your ceiling.

Sleekform Kneeling Chair

Perfect for linear input at the office and helps improve your posture as well!

Kore Stool

A wonderful option for vestibular input during seated activities at either school or work!

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