• Sensory Processing

    Top 5 Fidgets for Skin Picking

    Learn about my favorite fidget recommendations to help skin pickers and nail biters! Picking (excoriation) can lead to infection and scarring, as well as hygiene concerns. Using these fidgets as alternatives can help you break the habit of skin picking and keep your skin healthy and happy.

  • Sensory Processing

    When In Doubt, Prop It Out! (Our Sense of Proprioception)

    Learn about one of our body’s 8 senses, proprioception! This sense includes understanding where our joints and muscles are in space, as well as body awareness. Explore what proprioceptive dysfunction can look like with people who have sensory processing challenges, as well as how to use proprioceptive input to stay calmer and more focused throughout the day.

  • Sensory Processing

    Let’s Get Linear!

    This month I’m talking about linear input. Improve your understanding on how linear input is important to our vestibular system – our sense of movement and balance! Learn about what linear input is, why it is important for sensory processing, and how to incorporate it into your daily routines no matter what age you may be.

  • Handwriting

    Recommended Handwriting Tools

    Check out the tools I use every day in my practice to help create more functional writers! Learn about the best tips to help improve your child’s handwriting. Whether it be a painful grasp or light pencil pressure on a page, we’ve got all of the tricks to help with your child’s handwriting woes.